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Real Estate Photography Services

high quality images for Property marketing

All images are sized for print at 240ppi – 10in or 2400px on the long side. Images for rentals are pre-sized for use on VRBO or Air BnB at 1920X1080. Custom sizes are available upon request.

Real Estate Photos for MLS

HDR / Flambient

Images for the MLS are photographed to show space and features of the property with the intent to sell the home. Exteriors are shot HDR and Interiors are done using an advanced Flash/Ambient technique.

For best display on the MLS, images are taken in a horizontal orientation unless otherwise requested.

REP for Rentals

Air BnB / VRBO

In addition to images that show space, photos are focused on the experience a vacationer can expect from the home or condo. If the property features ‘extras’, these will be included in the gallery.


REP for Commercial

builders, designers

Commercial work requires focus on details in addition to the space. For builders and designers, images are often taken in a one-point perspective to highlight the work. For superior quality, images are hand blended.



  • Television Screen Replacements are generally done for rentals but not MLS listings. Agent may request TV replacements for an additional fee.
  • Property Staging is the responsibility of the booking agent or contact. Minor adjustments will be made while shooting, but shifting clutter from one room to another will increase time and therefore subject to additional fees..
  • Twilights and sunset shots can be scheduled the same day or next available evening for an additional fee. Sky replacements can be done for a lesser fee but real sunsets and twilights are always best.
  • If there is a need to postpone a shoot due to the weather, no cancellation fees are applied. Rescheduling for other reasons such as owner is not quite ready are understandable and every effort is made to accommodate moving a shoot.

You may be wondering…

Images are uploaded to an online proof gallery where they can be paid for and downloaded.

Images are usually delivered after a full day allocated for editing. If next day rush delivery is required, images may be outsourced for faster turnaround.

Images remain copyright Mary D Griffin Photography and are licensed ONLY for the use indicated at the time of booking. Images may not be transferred to others nor reused for any other commercial purposes.

360 tours are available on request as an add-on to a standard shoot with pricing starting at $150.

Not at this time, but a service provider can be recommended upon request.

Not at this time, but a service provider can be recommended upon request.

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