Real Estate for MLS Rates

Includes extended use License

Real Estate basic

Rate is based on time it takes to capture a property that is fully ready to shoot.


Est. Based on $250 per hour*

  • Condos & Trailers
  • Small Homes 2b 1b
  • Basic Exteriors, front & back
  • Walk-In Ready to Shoot
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Real Estate deluxe

Larger homes usually take longer than an hour to shoot to included extra features.

$300 – $500

Est. Based on $250 per hour*

  • Extra Rooms & Baths
  • Downstairs Enclosures
  • Garage / Recreation Rooms
  • Pool and Patio Areas
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Real Estate luxury

Multi-million dollar homes generally require longer time on site or separate trips at different times of the day.


Est. Based on $250 per hour*

  • Multi-rooms/baths
  • Expansive living areas
  • Capture Amazing Views
  • Details / Extras
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You may be wondering…

Upon inquiry, you can send a text with the listing address which allows the home to be checked on an app to determine the best time of day to shoot.

Most homes can be photographed around mid-day, between 10 and 2, but if there are water views that need to be featured, checking the location of the sun is necessary to provided best views.

Typically, it is the agents responsibility to ensure that a property is ready to shoot upon arrival. But in many instances, things may need to be shifted around to get the best shots. It is not uncommon to accommodate this need, however, it adds time to the shoot and may result in extra fees to compensate for added time.

Real Twilights require a separate trip to arrive 45 minutes before sunset. Real Sunsets can be scheduled as an add-on for $150 which will give you shots from sunset through to night shots. Fake twilights can also be done for an additional $50 per image. Fake twilights are fairly common these days and most people can’t tell the difference, but my preference is to get the real thing.

Sunrise shots require arrival 45 minutes before sunrise and can be the best way to get a ‘twilight’ for oceanfront properties. Many times, it’s the breaking dawn that provides the best images. Agent does not need to be there if access is arranged. As an add-on, the cost of a sunrise shoot starts at $150. Images produced will be twilight, break of dawn and sunrise.

An empty home can be virtually staged on request. Charges can range between $25 to $100 per image and I can provide quotes on request.

All images are shot in the horizontal orientation to fit in the MLS format, but on request, I can shoot verticals. If you are interested in verticals or any detail shots, which are normally done for higher end properties, additional charges will apply as providing these images will required more time on site.

For MLS photos, my personal preference is to edits tv screens blank, removing distracting reflections. I normally do tv screen replacements for rentals only, but if you prefer a photo on TV screens, I am willing to do so for an extra fee depending on how many screens you want replaced.

The following will result in additional charges, depending on the extra time involved. An increase in charges (on average $25 per item) if any of the following increases shoot/processing time.

  • neighborhood amenities – park, beach, boat ramps
  • de-cluttering – basic rates are for homes ready to shoot
  • post processing Photoshop repairs or item removals

It’s always best to allow photographers to work without other people around. However, I am willing to accommodate as long as it’s understood that extra time may increase pricing.

Well, of course they can… but it’s best to have the homeowners leave while the photographer works. Extra people around adds to time, which can increase the cost and often results in a broken work-flow and on occasional missed shot, from having to shoot around people.