Mary D. Griffin Photography retains copyrights to all images provided through this service. Images are licensed for various use as follows:


Real Estate License

Standard terms for photos licensed for MLS real estate photos are for the time of the active listing and use includes online marketing and print materials. This includes any aggregate marketing channels that the MLS allows a feed to the listing.

PrintImages can be used in magazines or other publications as long as the intent is the marketing of the property under the current active listing. It is also permissible to use licensed photos in closing gifts like property books for the seller.

Non Transferable

terms & Conditions

If a listing ends and the homeowner opts to use another agent within the same brokerage, no additional fee will required only if the company is supplementing the cost of marketing. Should the homeowner choose to move to a different brokerage or sell by owner, the use of the images are not transferrable and Mary D. Griffin reserves the right to re-license the images with appropriate compensation.

While on the MLS or after the sale of the property, photos may not be given to owners for listing on rental sites or any other commercial use. Rentals are an ongoing long-term license and are subject to higher licensing fees due to the potential length of time of use.

Extended Use License

Agent / Broker

Extended Use Marketing – for regular clients*, images may be used by the agent and/or broker for general marketing of real estate services. This extended use license allows for images to be used beyond the closing of a listing on agent and/or broker websites for general marketing of services. Images may not be used for any other commercial use by vendors or any other parties without the express permission of Mary D. Griffin Photography and may be subject to additional commercial license fees.

*For Brokers/Agents who utilize services as a preferred vendor or at least 3 listings per quarter.


Rental Use License

Images for rental properties run for an extended period of time and are subject to higher licensing fees. Industry standard is to charge 2-3 times that of a standard MLS license, but license for use on rental sites is offered at a slightly higher than MLS to compensate for the extended use. Repeat clients are eligible for reduced rates if booking services 2-3 times per quarter.

Commercial Use License

Vendors, Builders & suppliers

Images for commercial use require a higher degree of attention to details. In many cases, more time is spent on site to capture the essence of the work with proper lighting and shots from a variety of focal lengths.

Image use is generally considered extended use and priced accordingly.